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Weather in Bangkok

Guide To Seasons And Weather In Bangkok

For anyone planning a trip to Bangkok, it makes sense to want to understand what the weather will be like during your visit. It is normal to want to only travel when you know the weather will be better than what it is back home. It also helps guide you on what kind of attire to pack so you can be comfortable, particularly in the outdoors. Hence the reason most tourist destinations tend to have low and peak seasons for travel as people aim to visit when they know the weather will be conducive to all the fun activities they have on their itinerary. 

Thailand is a popular vacation destination partly because it has a hot climate most of the year. Temperatures will often average over 30°, with minor changes as the seasons’ change. Bangkok is within the tropics and is subject to a tropical savannah climate. This means it has three main seasons spread across the year that can be classed as hot, rainy and cool. 


Soaring temperatures and high levels of humidity are typically recorded during the spring months of March and April. This is just before the monsoon season starts in May. There are often sporadic rains that quickly stop, giving way to high temperatures that evaporate the water into high humidity. Humidity can range between 70-73% most days. 

Fortunately, the Thai New Year festival of Songkran takes place around this time, with water fights being part of the festivities. A good opportunity to splash some cool water on each other amid the stifling heat. If visiting during this period, be sure to pack plenty of light airy clothing. 

Rainy, or Monsoon Season

This period runs from around May to November. The initial months of May to October are often considered summer and are characterised by light rains that make for high humidity that can reach 76%. The latter months of September to November are for fall weather when you can expect more torrential downpours that can result in flash floods in some parts of the city. It is not uncommon for traffic snarl-ups to occur at these times. 

This is the low season for tourism as many travellers want to avoid the wet. However, it is a good opportunity for budget travellers as there are more deals to be had. The city has many good indoor entertainment venues so even in the worst of weather you are sure to find something to enjoy. 


The cool winter season of Bangkok runs from around December to February. This is the best time to visit Bangkok as the atmosphere is more comfortable to get around in. The Bangkok air is drier and the skies clear and bright. Both days and nights are cooler, gradually becoming warmer as February approaches. 

If planning to travel to other parts of Thailand, note that the monsoon season may end later than it does in Bangkok in some regions. Humidity may reach highs of 70% during this period. Despite the cooler weather, ensure that you still put on sunscreen.